Oct 3, 2009

He's no Molly

This is Molly.

This is Oscar.
They are two very different cats.

Molly was our first family cat. We brought her home when
Aubrey was 2 1/2. We loved Molly and Molly loved us.
She was such a great cat for the kids as she would let them love
on her like nothing else. When we brought our dog
Piper home Molly loved having a new
friend. Piper and Molly were the best of friends.

Last spring Molly was suddenly very sick.
After taking her to the vet we had to make
the heart breaking decision to have her put down.
It was awful and I hope to never
have to make that choice again. The girls
were very sad of course and Piper had lost
her best friend. She moped around for
weeks afterwards and her ears would even
perk up if you mentioned Molly's name.

The girls wanted another cat very badly.

We even visited the humane society a few times
in hopes of finding the perfect cat for our family.
Not a replacement cat, but, a playmate for Piper
and a new friend for our family. We came
very close to bringing home Tabby...
But, after finding a bit more information about
her we decided that she wouldn't be the best fit
for our family. She had not been around dogs or
children before and was already 4 years old.
Not the best time to introduce her to a new
environment such as our crazy household.
We held out until the end of the summer and
started talking about bringing a new cat home.
Our niece Amanda called one day and asked us
if we would be interested in adopting her cat. She
was moving into a new apartment that did not
allow pets. Oscar is 12 years old but, he has always
been around dogs and young children. After a family
discussion we decided that we would bring Oscar
home. Oscar did not settle into our household
quickly. Piper did not want anything to do with
him. Oscar pretty much hid from us for a
good part of his first week here. Aubrey was
determined that she was going to desensitize
both Piper and Oscar towards one another and
she was going to force them to be friends.
I have now given Aubrey the nickname of the
pet whiperer because she has succeeded in her
goal. With much love given to both
of them a good friendship is blooming. Oscar is not Molly. He is nothing like Molly was.
Oscar is VERY vocal compared to Molly who
never said a peep. Oscar's nickname in our
family is "the Siren." He is constantly voicing
his opinion about everything. Anyone know
cat speak? Would love to learn the language....
Though Piper and Oscar are not the best of
friends just yet they are learning to tolerate one
another. Aubrey has even managed to get them
to sleep on her bed simultaneously. We weren't
looking for a replacement when we
brought Oscar home.....we didn't get one.
We got an Oscar instead.

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