Jun 20, 2009

Some days you just have to enjoy the rain......

Yesterday was suppose to be a beach day. I had organized a bunch of friends and their kids to go to the beach. It was a complete washout. We are in a season of rain right now and it doesn't want to let up. Earlier in the week the forecast was a "few clouds and passing showers"....yesterday was pretty much a downpour all day. So not a beach day. My sister and nephew had come down the night before so we still wanted to do something. We did a little searching and came up with going to a paint your own pottery place. It was so fun. The kids had a super time and we can't wait to get the pieces back from having them glazed and fired.
The entire day Jameyson was obssessed with riding his new bike when we got home and Payton was intent on using her new surf board to swim in the puddle in our dooryard. Tracey kept telling Jameyson that if it wasn't raining when we got home he could ride his bike. Well....it was raining and it was raining hard. I on the other hand thought that there was no better time to ride your bike or surf in the puddle then when it was raining. So when we got home that is just what they did. And they loved every minute of it.
Some days you just have to make lemonade out of lemons...........

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