Jun 16, 2009

The end of another school year.....

Wow! Today is the last day of 2nd grade for Aubrey. I knew the year would fly but, I didn't realize just how fast we would fly this year. Over the weekend Aubrey shed many tears over the fact that school was coming to an end. She has grown attached to her classmates as well as her teacher. Each year it gets harder because she realizes that she will not have the same teacher next year nor be in the same "group" of friends. She is afraid of "losing" her friends because they won't all be in her class next year. She was also concerned that she wasn't ready for 3rd grade! This girl is ready.....she just feels like she needs to know everything as soon as it is presented to her.

I sent an email to her teacher sharing Aubrey's concerns and asking if she was indeed having trouble in math. If she was then we wanted to be able to work with her over the summer......the email I got in return put a smile on my face.

"I have to admit that I am looking forward to summer and some time off. I sort of know where Aubrey is coming from. I will miss her terribly. She brings such a spark of joy to me, my ed. tech, and her classmates. I love her sense of humor, her innocence, her extremely strong desire to learn all she can learn, her compassion for me and others, her positive attitude, and her stories! Students like Aubrey don't appear in our classes every year. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend the year getting to know Aubrey and teaching her. She is special!

You mentioned she was concerned about math. I don't have concerns and she does not need to be concerned. She has mastered all of the second grade skills (except for timed subtraction facts) and has worked on third grade skills this year. I think I know where this math concern came from. She stumbled on a problem on our end of the year math assessment because she was not clear what she was suppose to do. I knew she got concerned and I tried to get her to brush it off, but she takes everything about learning very seriously. Please assure her she is a good math student and I am proud of her."

Yes Aubrey you are special.....and I'm not the only one that sees it....what more could a mom want?

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