Apr 10, 2009

One of the many reasons I love this girl.....

Aubrey will pretty much try anything. She has surprised me more than once with her ideas of what she'd like to do. Like the day she came home and said she wanted to play ice hockey. Are you serious? You really want to play ice hockey? And she did. She loved it. At the end of the season she said it was great but, she'd probably not play again. She had gotten out of it what she wanted.....she had learned to skate.

Ballet? Yes...she tried it....loved it.....but, only did it one year. Soccer? She played three seasons of rec soccer then took a break because she wanted to try karate. She LOVES soccer. She loves karate. How does one choose? In a few weeks it will be soccer season again and she is ready to play. She knows that she loves it and she misses it. We'll work the schedule so that she can still do both.

She will try anything it seems...and doesn't blink an eye....roller blading? No problem......
Downhill skiing???? Gimme' more.....
But, sushi???? You really want to try sushi???? Why would you want to try sushi? Even Mommy doesn't like sushi? "But, Mommmmmmmmmm it has seaweed on it! Wouldn't it be cool to eat seaweed?" Sure...have at er'.

The verdict.....sushi she is not a fan of. Maybe it was just the kind of sushi??? But, bravo for trying it girl! That I am proud of you for!

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