Apr 11, 2009

Back to the land of the living......

Finally! We have had the never ending stomach bug this week and it has made its rounds thru all of us. Thankfully we are finally in the clear! Just in time for Easter. I have spent a good part of today getting ready for our busy day tomorrow.

A few days ago Payton was asking how many more days until the Easter bunny came. Daddy counted the days with her and they came to four days. I piped up and said that considering how sick we had all been the Easter bunny would probably rather stay away from our germ infested house. Payton thought for a minute and said , "well couldn't the Easter bunny leave the eggs under the bushes outside? That way he wouldn't get our germies!" That girl I tell you has an answer for everything. While we try to not make the Easter bunny the focus of our day he does usually find our house.

Yesterday we were all feeling well enough to atleast function. That was a good change! Aubrey couldn't understand why she had to stay home from school (that whole 24hr rule didn't make sense to her) but, we did make the best of a quiet day at home. We worked together on this project and we're all proud of how it came out. The girls cannot wait to present it to Nemah and Papa tomorrow when we go there for Easter dinner.
Payton and I colored the eggs together and as we did we talked about the different symbols and what they represent. Aubrey is working on writing in cursive and was happy to write "Happy Easter" on our big card. And every blue sky needs a sun she said :) So we have a sun. I love that my girls want to do art with me. It feels good to be creative and better to be creative together.

The is a "Cray-Pas Easter Egg" that Aubrey did in art class at school last week
And an "Easter Wreath" that Payton and worked on together last week...
We are looking forward to a wonderful morning at church tomorrow celebrating the ressurection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Then it is off to the inlaws for our traditional Easter dinner.

May each of you have a very blessed Easter with your friends and family!

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