Mar 30, 2009

The Easter dresses.......

It is Easter dress season again...I wasn't going to make their dresses this year, but, Miss Aubrey requested that I do. I figure I need to take advantage of it now because I'm not sure how long she'll be requesting that I sew for her! The only stipulation was that I could not make matching dresses for her and her sister! She wants it very different than Payton's.......

This pic was taken on Easter 2006. At the time Aubrey was 5 and Payton was 14 months. Their dresses are similar....but, not matchy matchy
Here is a picture from Easter it is the same pattern, same fabric but, different isn't identical!
I have no idea why she thinks that I'd make their dresses identical this year! It has always been about the coordination for me. Especially when photographing them in their dresses.
I have picked out the fabric for this years dresses and they both approved. The patterns are not identical.....but, neither are my two girls. And I think they will still photograph well together....who woulda thunk it?

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  1. You're so talented! Just the thought of making clothes makes me want to go lie down for awhile.