Jun 12, 2009

Such a funny girl

Aubrey will finish 2nd grade this week. She brought home her portfolio yesterday and it was so fun to look at how far she has come in just 10 months. She loves to read and write and she continues to amaze us with her story telling. The following is a story that she wrote in response to the prompt: A friend can be any person or pet you like to do things with. Write a story about something you did with a friend.

A Trip to *****
By Aubrey F.
I am walking down the long, long hallway. My mom is picking me up! I am going somewhare. Can you guess whare I am going? *****! I am going to miss school tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I'm going to see Annie, the musical! That's the reson I'm going to *****! "Hi, Troble"
said my mom. "I'm not troble" I said angrilly. "Why do you always tease like that?" Becuse I like to." Mom said with a smile. "I know what your thinking." I said. "What am I thinking?" "You're thinking that you're going to tease me the rest of your life!" Mom was silent as we walked to the car. (Okay, let's skip ahead a little...)
Yay! Were at Buggaboo Creek Steakhouse! I had penne with marinara. It was good. My sister, Payton, my two cousens, Josie and Jaymyson, Aunt Marie, Aunt Jenie, Auntie Tracey, Uncle Eric, Nemah, and my mom are all here. (What a big group!) Then, we went to the mall. First, Josie and I went to Arapostle. Josie wanted a sweatshert, but, she could not afford the one she wanted, so we walked back to the rides. In went in the race car, Payton went on the roler coster, and Jaymyson went on the tracktor. Josie to went to Claires. After that, we all went to Build-a-bear! I got a zebra, Payton got a unicorn, and Jaymyson got a black bear. I named my zebra Jenna. She is a part of the World Wildlife Fund. I don't know what WWF is for, but, I know it is for African animals. Then we dress our animals. I got flowers and a peace shirt.
After that, we went to Macy's and rode the exelater. Then, we FINNALLY went to see Annie! We went to the musium to get our seats. The play lasted until 11:00pm! My favorite part was when Annie was adopted to Mr. Warbucks! After the show, Nemah asked if I'd like to sleep at the Ramada hotel with herself, Josie, and Aunt Jenie. I said yes. So then I said "Good-bye" to my mom and we headed off to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, we went to our room and got ready for bed. When we were all ready, Josie and I set up the cot and got in it and Aunt Jenie and Nemah got the king-sized beds. Then we went to sleep....
In the morning, we got dressed and went downstairs to hve breckfast. I had french toast. After breckfast, we waited 30 minutes and then we all went swimming! I did underwater gymnastics and we all played sharks and minnows. After that, we got dressed and went to the Olive Garden. I had spagetti, and guess what? Mom never asked how I read her mind. It was a wonderful 2 days in ***** with my family even thoe I had to miss school!

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