May 29, 2009

We miss Molly

We had to put our sweet cat Molly down a few months ago. It was a hard decision but, one that needed to be done. And it was the right decision. We miss her terribly though and want to add another cat to our family when the time is right. We had told the girls that at the end of the summer (after our busy camp season) we would start looking for a cat.

Earlier this week Aubrey went on a field trip to the Humane Society with her Brownie troop. And she fell in love with a cat named Tabby. Tabby is a beautiful cat and seemed to be very happy to be in Aubrey's arms. Of course the whole ride home Aubrey was begging that we go back and get Tabby. After much discussion with Joe we decided that we would consider it. This afternoon we went back for another visit. Tabby was still there and Aubrey was thrilled to see her again. At this point we had not told Aubrey that we were considering getting her, rather we were going there to visit with all the cats.

I found out more information about Tabby which helped to make our decision. She is 4 years old and comes from a home that did not have young children or a dog. She has not been around any dogs. That was my first red flag. Piper, our Boston Terrier, LOVED our cat Molly. They would run and chase and play like crazy. I'm not sure that Tabby is the right fit for Piper. While we think Tabby would be a great fit for us (she'd make a great lap cat), I don't think she has the personality for our crazy playing dog named Piper.

We have agreed as a family that we all love the idea of getting another cat. We are going to save Tabby for another family but, we will get another cat when the time is right. I thought that Aubrey was going to be upset, but, she understood and accepted it. Now I need to accept it.

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