May 3, 2009

Not everything should be photographed

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for you I have no photograph to go with todays blog. Just a little story that will make you chuckle....

The other day I found one four year old with one pretty pink bottle of fingernail polish. She proudly announced to me "look I painted my toe nails and my fingernails!" Wow I pretty. Upon careful examination I discovered that she had indeed painted her nails but, had also painted another "area".

You see it was hot that day (the temp reached 90 that afternoon) and she had stripped down to her underwear. For SOME REASON unbeknownst to me she thought it would be neat to give her some color down hmmmhmmm yeah "down there". WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????? Oh weren't thinking now were you!

Thankfully it was kids polish and came off pretty easily with some water....but, mommy was having a bit of a panic attack there for a minute.

See I never thought to tell her that nail polish was only for nails. The things that you learn as parents........


  1. Holy COW! Just file that away as a story to tell at her wedding...


  2. Ha ha ha ha ha !! Soooooooooo funny !