Apr 16, 2009

When a good idea goes bad

Sometimes I have the most brilliant of ideas.....or atleast I think I have a brilliant idea. Then it goes wrong....horribly wrong. Last week one of the things I had on my calendar was an Easter egg hunt and pajama party during preschool/toddler open gym at the Y. Unfortunatly the dreaded stomach flu hit our house or should I say slammed into our house and many things had to be rescheduled. The Easter egg hunt being one of them. So I rescheduled it to this week....a few days after Easter but, it didn't matter to the kids. Here is where my brilliant idea came in....rather than buy the supplies before Easter I thought I'd wait until after Easter and get the stuff 1/2 price. Now I thought that was a GREAT idea! Don't you??? Except for one thing.....I learned that two days after Easter there is nothing left! Are you kidding me???? Where did all the plastic eggs go? What happened to all that candy that was leftover????

Mistake #1 Waiting until 6:30pm the night before the Easter egg hunt to buy supplies.

Mistake #2 Waiting until two days AFTER Easter thinking that there would be a plethora of extra stuff.

I started at Walmart. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. KMart would surely have stuff. Sorry. Out of luck. Hannaford??? Please tell me Hannaford has something.....okay Hannaford had some candy but, even 1/2 price I was still having to pay more than "regular" price! Rite-Aid? CVS? JoAnne's? Some one in this town must have leftover plastic eggs?????? Unfortunately for me the answer was no. It is now nearing 8 o'clock on the eve of this egg hunt and I'm starting to panic. Why oh why do my brilliant ideas have to flop????? I call home in desperation and ask my wonderful husband to please look up the number for Target. Why he questions me. I ask him to politely not question just please give me the dang number. I did share my predicament with him and I dont' think he dared say anything else.

Target worker : "Hi, how may I help you?"
Me: "Would you please be able to tell me the status of your Easter stuff? Are you pretty well cleaned out?"
Target worker: "Oh we still have a couple of aisles of stuff and it is all now 50% off"
Me: trying to contain my excitement "would you happen to know if you have any plastic Easter eggs left?"
Target worker: "I believe that we still have some but, you would have to dig and look."
Me: "Okay, thank you very much."

Hmmmmm do I risk it? How many is a few? Is it worth the drive? After the dissappoint of last weeks failed egg hunt I was now on a mission to make this weeks the best possible and it was worth a trip down to Target.

I did not find a goldmine at Target. But, I did find just enough to make it work. And that was worth all the running around I had to do. Even if it meant it was now 9:30 and I was stuffing Easter eggs with a very willing husband. Anything to make me happy oops I mean the kids happy. Somethings are just worth running around for......

I still wonder though where all the Easter eggs could have went. Does the Easter bunny go shopping on Monday morning and buy up the whole stock for next year? Somethings are just left to ponder....

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