Aug 29, 2008

Trying the blogging thing again......

So give me Facebook and I'm good. This on the other hand hasn't been so easy for me. Why I need another thing to suck up my time I'm not sure....but, here I go again.

Yesterday was Aubrey's first day of 2nd grade. Aubrey was so excited which made it easier to send her off to school......but, I can't believe that my baby is in 2nd grade! Payton missed her sister as soon as the bus drove away. They have spent the summer together and now Payton is stuck with just me. While they fight a good deal they are just now getting to a spot where they can actually play together. Somedays I think they even may enjoy it.

Later in the day Payton decided she needed her own photoshoot. Times like that are a rarity so of course I took advantage of it. I was pleased witht the results.......

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